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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

social media managementWhat is social media management and how can it help your business? Most small businesses are well aware that they need social media and they need to manage it. But the question is how helpful will it be to your business? It is very helpful with the SEO of your website and with helping you reach your clients and potential customers. The question is not if you will do Social Media for your business, it is how well you will do it.

First, make sure your Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in pages are properly integrated with your website. Having social media linked to your website actually gives you extra points with the Search Engines so your site will come up quicker on a search. Second, let your customer base know about the new links to Social Media on your website. Get them to like your page so they are “registered�?. Third, think about what kind of information your customers might find helpful. Begin posting this information. You can even post discounts, incentives and specials to get more traffic.

All of this seems fairly simple, so why would you need a Social Media Manager? For the same reason you need an office manager – time. It takes time to set up your accounts, manage comments and post relative information. Social Media Managers know how to set up all your accounts properly and interface them correctly. As far as the management, posting a few times a week is essential. You will forget but they won’t as you are paying them to manage comments and postings. Social Media Managers also know how to effectively prospect and target market for you. That is worth its weight in gold or $ in your pocket.

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