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SEO – Can you really outsmart the Google Algorithm

SEO – Can you really outsmart the Google Algorithm?

Are people really still asking this question?  Yes, they are. The real answer is no. Don’t be fooled by the SEO companies that are trying to sell you a silver bullet that will carry your site to number 1.  It really is not that simple anymore. Back in the day, many companies were able to “outsmart Google” by using fake back links and many other tactics that are now frowned upon by Google. In fact, if your SEO company is still using some of these tactics your website may actually be penalized for it.

Now, Google’s algorithm is so complicated you would need to work for them to be able to figure it out.  Incidentally, the algorithm also changes constantly.  The good news is that there are a few things that have remained a constant in the Google algorithm and for SEO in general.  Here are five things that will give your website a boost in the SEO rankings.

1.)    Website Content is King

2.)    New content in the form of a blog

3.)    Social Media attached to your website

4.)    Links back to your site from another website

5.)    Proper use of Keywords, Headings, Title Tags etc.

You have probably heard that “Content is King”.  The content of your website is extremely important. Using searchable key words within your content is an excellent way to get your website to the top of the page rankings. Use the key words in your title and sprinkle them throughout your page. If you don’t have a blog on your website, you should consider adding one. This will add fresh, new content to your website and differentiate you from your competition.  Keep it simple and write two blogs a month on a topic relevant to your business or industry.

Last but not least, links back to your website are very powerful and have a significant influence on your Google Page Rank.  An important part of the Google algorithm is the Page Rank system.  It is a patented automated system that determines your website’s rank on the Google search return. Every site is given a score.  Scores are partially determined by the number of other web pages that link to a particular site. Each link back is counted as a vote for the site. Google is assuming that pages with high quality content will be linked to more often than pages with mediocre content. Although there a still a few tricks that can boost your Google rank, the best way to increase your page rank is to consistently provide quality content which others will want to share and link back to their pages.

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