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Reach More Customers For Just $5 A Day!

Although most business owners realize the need to do some type of marketing, many business owners believe marketing is expensive.  If you can afford $5/day, can spare 30 minutes per day and know who your target audience is, you can add Social Media and Facebook to your Marketing Strategy for just $5/day.

Did you know that it’s Free to set up a Business Facebook page?  There is no need to try marketing your product or service just through your personal Facebook.  It is much more professional to have a Business Facebook page.  In addition, unlike your personal Facebook, your Business Facebook includes several advertising options and you can set your budget to only $5 per day.  Let’s take a look at what some of the Facebook advertising options are.

  • Reach More Customers: This option basically helps you get more “Likes” for your business page. It helps you reach relevant customers of your choosing as you can target certain demographics and geographies as needed.  Write a short ad, with a photo that meets the Facebook guidelines, set your budget and see what happens.
  • Boost Your Posts: You can take a specific post that you feel is noteworthy and “Boost” the Post. The post will then show up in the Newsfeed of the customers you would like to target.
  • Increase Traffic To Your Website: This ad includes a call to action directing your target audience to click and go to your website.  Increased website traffic will increase your Google Ranking. Connecting your Business Facebook page to your website will help increase your Google Ranking as well.
  • Promote An Event: Social Media is an excellent way to get the word out about an upcoming event.  By using this advertising option, you can reach additional clients that may be interested in attending your event.

What do you need to do in order to get started?  First set up your Business Facebook page. Then decide what type of ad would you like. Once you decide what type of ad you would like, the next step is writing the ad.  Facebook has very specific guidelines and word limitations regarding this so read those before beginning.  Then set your budget and press Go!

You will also need to start posting to your Business Facebook page.  Most social media experts recommend posting no more that once a day.  In fact, 2-3 posts a week is sufficient. You certainly don’t want to be like that one annoying friend that we all have that posts every half hour.  Posts should be engaging and include pictures, trending information about your industry or product line, relevant motivational quotes, and information about your products or services. If this seems a little overwhelming, contact a professional marketing firm to help you get started with your social media and other marketing strategies.

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