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5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

1. Use hashtags: Use hashtags to discuss popular topics and make your profile easier for other users to locate. Using the proper hashtags can help you target a specific user base, brand your company and boost your visibility on social media. Hashtags are also helpful when used to start online contests, promote special offers, engage with customers and gain followers.

2. Use the right graphics: Integrating effective visuals will get your brand noticed! Keep image styles consistent to maintain brand identity and increase brand recognition. Stand out even more by using custom graphics. Get creative and utilize different graphics including videos, infographics, charts and other compelling images that people will share, like and respond to. Also, be sure to use the right size images for the social platform you are using.

3. Use the right platform for your business: Do some research before choosing which social media platform to start with. Considered variables such as user demographics, type of business and who you are targeting before deciding which platform to utilize. Here is a summary of 5 different social media platforms.

Facebook & Twitter: Facebook and Twitter dominate social media today with over 1 billion combined users. Facebook and Twitter are both great options to choose when starting your social media campaign. Their broad user base allows companies in nearly any industry to reach potential and current customers. Facebook and Twitter can be used to target segments of the population to bring exposure and local awareness to your business. Twitter is a great option within the healthcare field for sharing the latest medical news and connecting with other healthcare professionals.

Instagram: Instagram is an image-based network that allows users to view and share images and short video clips from their mobile device. Companies gaining the most traction on Instagram do so by posting engaging visual content featuring products and services in action. One drawback of this platform is that you can’t post from a laptop or desktop.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides great B2B networking opportunities and is an effective way to reach career-minded, educated individuals. LinkedIn caters to a more mature demographic than most other networks with the average user between the ages of 25-64. This is also a great platform to use if you are a healthcare professional.

Pinterest: The majority of Pinterest users are women. Its growth in popularity can be attributed to its simplicity and pleasing aesthetics. The high frequency and ease of sharing allows images to go viral quickly. Businesses can use Pinterest to share company-related images and create backlinks for instant traffic to your company’s webpage.

4. Make a personal connection: Creating meaningful connections by utilizing social media will build a community of loyal and satisfied customers around your business. Connections are made through memorable experiences, conversations, and interactions with customers online. Social media content should appeal to your target audience on a personal and emotional level. Sharing facts about your practice, interesting articles, patient testimonials, community involvement and events adds a personal touch which will strengthen your connections with your customers.

5. Post engaging content: Engaging and compelling content directs traffic from social media posts to your website and generates leads. Content should be informative, helpful and send a clear message. When it comes to social media, quality content is more important than quantity. Quality content, especially branded content, will build your online reputation and engage your target audience.

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